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Iron, Meet Cloud: Openstack?s Ironic Makes Dedicated Servers As Flexible As Virtualized Services

For cloud services the hypervisor is the key enabler for two reasons. AMD Young-Sae Song First it allows the underlying hardware to be divided up, allowing some organizations to maximize their hardware utilization, and second, it provides a way of provisioning new services without having to be in the data room. The economic benefits of increasing hardware utilization are obvious; however, it is a single shot of efficiency. But the ability to provision services on demand is the feature which fuels the continual growth in demand for cloud services. On-demand provisioning, which provides users with an elastic infrastructure to meet the varying usage demands, is possible due to a combination of the hypervisor and supporting services that are accessed by application programming interfaces (APIs). Through the use of APIs, third-party applications give users the ability to control virtual machines as if they were independent pieces of hardware. But what if performance or regulatory requirements call for single-tenant, dedicated hardware? Thats where bare-metal provisioning comes into play with OpenStacks Ironic project set to bring the flexibility of virtual-machine provisioning to physical servers. Why provision bare metal? Cloud service providers such as SoftLayer, which was recently acquired by IBM , have demonstrated an appreciable appetite for single-tenant hardware in the datacenter. Having dedicated hardware offers organizations an extra layer of data security and dependability, ensuring that compute and storage resources are not being shared with others. And, equally as important, having dedicated hardware offers the ability to know exactly what performance is available, meaning service providers can offer improved, higher specification service-level agreements (SLA). Applications such as relational database servers require considerable compute and storage resources, up to a point where using virtual machines is no longer a viable option to deliver acceptable performance and economies of scale. While the need for virtual machines may have gone away, the need to meet fluctuating usage patterns hasnt. This means that system administrations still need the ability to spin up servers as if they were virtual machines with SLAs in place to ensure dependable performance. Large, monolithic software packages are not the only reason why bare-metal provisioning makes sense. Organizations that handle sensitive data may feel more comfortable being able to guarantee that customers data is being stored on hardware that is only serving a single tenant. For service providers, bare-metal products allow for higher performance SLAs without concerns that other virtual machines may lead to server-wide performance degradation.
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Virtual Server can act as dedicated private server.

Users can install any software on server and re-install operating system through web-based control panel in 3 min. VPS also allows users to make full backup of their server and restore it at any time through their control panel. (Archive News Story - Products mentioned in this Archive News Story may or may not be available from the manufacturer.) Original Press Release USA Zanadoo Offers More Efficient, Lower Cost Alternative to Dedicated Server with New VPS Service SAN DIEGO, March 25 -- Zanadoo Web hosting has introduced the Virtual Private Server, VPS, as an efficient, lower cost alternative for clients who need a dedicated server, but don't want to incur the high costs associated with the environment, and don't want to require someone to be on site to physically make changes at the data center. "Dedicated servers typically cost $100 per month," explains John Rodriguez, vice president of Zanadoo. "However, a dedicated server provides the necessary performance and privacy to larger web sites or customers who need a dedicated server. On a dedicated server, if the customer wants to re-install the operating system, someone physically has to go to the data center and install the operating system for them. That's a drawback that a lot of companies don't want." VPS creates a virtual server environment that acts as private server without the high cost or need to physically make changes at a data center. The VPS creates a virtual server environment where multiple dedicated environments can get placed on a single server. This allows customers to pay less money and get the same benefits of a dedicated server. A customer gets root access and can install any software they want and also get the power of a dedicated server. "This is not at all like shared hosting though," stressed Rodriguez. VPS allows multiple dedicated environments to get placed on a single server. The customer gets root access and can install any software they want and also get the power of a dedicated server. It's completely different from shared hosting." Additionally, since the server is virtual, the customer can re-install the operating system through a Web-based control panel at any time in a matter of three minutes. Since multiple customers are on a single physical VPS server, customers get benefits such as RAID 10 and high amounts of ram that would cost around $1,000 per month for a dedicated server. A VPS also allows the customer to make a full backup of their server and restore it at any time through their control panel. San Diego-based Zanadoo is a professional Web hosting company offering dedicated servers, Internet access, hosting plans, reseller plans, disaster recovery, and Internet business expansion consultation. Zanadoo builds its own servers and purchases directly from manufacturers and distributors so that it can offer a lower price without sacrificing quality. Source: Zanadoo
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