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Ait Cuts Prices On Dedicated Server Hosting

. The love it or hate it attributes that define each yearly developed title always have styles of gameplay that cater to a particular player. This year though, Infinity Ward surprised everyone with their announcement of dedicated servers across all platforms, marking a potentially huge highpoint for a series that has come to define abysmal connections from time to time. Well the game is finally here, so the question beckons; how are those dedicated servers performing? Long story short, no one really knows. Truth is, host migrations and questionable connections are hinting that current generation users may still be stuck on the classic peer-2-peer style or "hybrid" server connections that Mark Rubin spoke about a month ago . When asking around, it seems nothing but confusion and miscommunication about the "dedicated servers" is the context any answer given by Activison's support yields. For example: @InfinityWard @CodGhostsOnline When are dedicated servers expected to be rolled out? @Bigzyyy Hey there, dedi's are live now - check this page for tips on optimizing your setup: http://support.activision.com/articles/en Thanks ^NM Seems pretty cut and dry, but after after a couple of hours, when responding to a similar question, the answer was quit different. @ATVIAssist Where are dedicated servers for COD Ghost on Xbox 360 ???? @JoZephhh Hi Joe. Dedicated servers have been confirmed Xbox, PS3, and PC. This should help with any lag issues: http://tinyurl.com/bekevdw ^MD @ATVIAssist When they come? Clearly there is confusion, and when users started asking about connection issues and host migration's the response was as follows: @ATVIAssist if dedicated servers are live why am I still getting host migration? @Kgtv123 Hey there, the servers on Ghosts are dedicated/listening hybrid servers, sometimes host migrations may still occur. ^SL Click here for the conversation Considering each respected tweet was initialed by a different support personal, a clear answer was simply not going to be achieved. To try and reach further, contact with Activison's community manager was made, asking the same questions: @OneOfSwords Acti support seems to be giving conflicting answers, and all people seem to be pointed to is @IWMarkRubin announcement @NicholasGigante Ultimately, everything I know is posted at http://bit.ly/1oSGhostsFAQ ; if it's not there, I have no new intel @OneOfSwords Acti support seems to be giving conflicting answers, and all people seem to be pointed to is @IWMarkRubin announcement @NicholasGigante The Rubin tweet is all I have to go on as well Click here for the conversation Simply put, when asking about dedicated multiplayer servers on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 the response is met with either silence from Infinity Ward or mixed messaging from Activison. In an attempt to find out the real story, tests were ran in five separate Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer matches on the Xbox 360 with the intent to discover just who or what was hosting the match. So what did the IP locating service discover? Five separate matches, five separate hosts. Now to be fair, these results are not concrete, as more populated areas could easily yield use from these mystical dedicated servers that Mark Rubin spoke about (only once, by the way). Sadly, until someone from Infinity Ward discusses these topics in detail, it's safe to assume a true dedicated service won't be available until Microsoft launch's their own cloud service with the Xbox One . How have your connections in Call of Duty: Ghosts been? Let me know by commenting below, subscribing to me here, on YouTube at YouTube/Pitmonkey and by following me on Twitter @NicholasGigante. Suggested by the author
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